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Let's Move FORWARD Together
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Elevating the teaching profession is the most important work I can do when I'm not teaching. I currently do that by supporting systems leaders as they set and operationalize strategy focused on teacher retention and development.


I help schools prioritize the mission critical work of teacher retention - even when it doesn't feel urgent - because ultimately, keeping great teachers in the classroom is the best strategy we have for delivering on the promises we make to students and families. 


My vision is a teaching landscape where we honor and aspire to excellence - both in the classroom and in the ways we support & compensate teachers - to the point that educators find it feasible to choose the classroom year over year AND that students see teaching as a top career choice.

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School System & Education Administration Clients come to me when they are trying to move from theory to action. They are looking for an experienced point of view on teacher retention and/or someone who can roll up their sleeves and add capacity to ensure successful implementation.

Clarifying Call & Feedback Clients trust me with their fuzzy ideas, their wicked problems, their first drafts, and their creative process. They work with me to get clear on everything from defining their value proposition to ensuring their work products are successful.

 About You.

About Me.

I have deep, in-field, experience working across teams to design and implement teacher retention strategy. I am a systems thinker who can envision the 5 year plan while helping you take decisive action on tomorrow’s next steps. 
I apply the human-centered design that was the hallmark of my award-winning classroom to the work of designing, launching, and managing innovative strategies and programs.

And? I'm an English teacher at heart. That means I've spent 1,000s of hours honing my ability to listen, give feedback, and ask the questions that can help you clarify your ideas. I can get the most reluctant student writer to produce college-level writing they can be proud of; which is why I'm sure I can help you too.

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