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Hi, I'm Jennifer (she/her/hers), but I also answer to Ms. Corroy, Ms. Porras, Miiiiiissss, JCP, JennyCorroy, and Mama. I'm an award-winning, National Board Certified educator with over 20 years of experience. In education spaces, I'm an innovative leader specializing in Teacher Retention, Teacher & Leader Development, and English Instruction. In any industry, I love using my listening and synthesizing skills to help folks clarify their ideas, get unstuck, and strategize to move FORWARD.  

I'd love to help you clarify your ideas, set your strategy, and take action toward your goals - especially when...

  • the "right" answer feels unsatisfying, insufficient, or out of reach and you need a clear point of view.

  • you need help envisioning the big picture and/or defining the right next steps to get there.

  • you could use experience, capacity, and project management to execute on the plans you've made.

In my work, I apply the human-centered design that was a hallmark of my learner-centered classroom, to the work of designing, launching, and managing innovative programs for teacher development and retention. Bringing knowledge of education systems that is both broad and deep, I support school districts with developing and implementing long-term teacher retention strategies.

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What I Do Best

I help school systems leaders create their vision around teacher retention and bring it to life through the full design cycle, from establishing a point of view to executing programs. I also love helping teams, leaders, and individuals clarify their ideas so they can accelerate the pace of their work or development. 

We Might Be a Good Fit If...

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You need Strategic Consulting support...

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You need Program Design & Management Capacity

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You could use help Clarifying big ideas...

Jenny Corroy Porras is an educator’s educator. In addition to top-quality work, a quick ability to understand and explain complexity, she also has a true teacher’s heart. Jenny remembers vividly the challenges of being an outstanding classroom teacher. She holds student at the forefront of her schema. Do you have mission-critical, strategic project you need a keen outside perspective on? Jenny is your solution.

- Charter School Client

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